Are You Ready To Become The 5D Version Of You So You Finally Shift Into Your HIGHEST SERVICE TIMELINE?


Watch This 2 Min Video To Know 100% If This Is For You

"If this was the ONLY thing you used for the rest of the YEAR - You Would Manifest Your Dream Life."
Hey Visionary!
You're here because you've decided its time...

It's time to go ALL IN & EXPLODE into the awareness where you live consistently in your 5D life NOW!

and that's because

You're tired of KNOWING you've changed internally
 and not seeing any physical proof externally

You're frustrated that you understand the law of vibration
and STILL allow yourself to fluctuate into guilt, shame and victimhood

You desire a SIMPLE and consistent MINDSET to maintain your vibe
and FINALLY let go of the doub that you came here to SERVE!

Here's where I step in to guide, empower and clarify to Spiritual DEVOTEES that their MEDITATION PRACTICE IS A MANIFESTATION PORTAL...

So you can 
STOP looking for the 'next best thing'
STOP comparing your formula to others
STOP doubting that you're not a coach yet!!!

and START 
~Channelling Direct Wisdom to Serve~

"Think Alan Watts + Dr Suess + Amy Winehouse + Lao Tzu all rolled into a Masterclass..."
The Meditate to Manifest Masterclass will PRECISELY SHOW YOU HOW TO remain consistent with your higher conscious wisdom, channel your intuitive next step wisdom and amplify your vibration on an hourly basis
In This Training You Will

✅CLAIM your most abundant lifestyle which will ripple out to every other area of your life

✅UNLOCK your souls intuitive powers as you connect deeper and deeper to the 5D Version of you who ALREADY EXISTS

✅DISCOVER your Superpower of Meditating Consistently whether your eyes are open or SHUT

✅IMPLEMENT a daily meditative practice where raising your vibration is EASY & EFFORTLESS as it naturally becomes your #1 focus

✅ALIGN yourself with Best Case Scenario thinking where you ONLY see higher dimensions no matter WHAT is happening around you

✅BECOME your 10X Version as you begin RECORDING your OWN Meditations AND being able to Guide others to do the same

✅UNLEASH your non-negotiable TRUTH that you are a MANIFESTATION LEADER as you WITNESS your dream life unfold in the next 60 days!

✅CREATE a system where you upgrade, amplify and expand the KEY 11 areas of your life so that you STOP missing out on shifting once and for all

"Vibration PRECEDES Manifestation. So stop looking for your dream life and start SENSING IT"
What's Included?
✅80 minute Masterclass Presentation with KEY visual slides so you never doubt yourself again

✅5 X DAILY Vibe Boosting Meditations for each part of your day so you consistently raise that vibe

✅PDF Task Ticklist to ensure you know the EXACT action tasks for your Next Level SOUL WORK

"IAM not here to Play the "Coaching Game." IAM here to Play with Other LEADERS"
You have a VISION

Whether it be Full Enlightenment as Source Incarnate, Becoming a Financially Free Wealth Custodian or a Globally Recognised Spiritual Teacher..


In the bonus content you will remember HOW to project yourself into that timeline so that you bring back your higher codes to yourself HERE

Whatever you THINK you need to DO to "become this" will be eradicated because you ALREADY ARE THAT


You will receive the 30 min Presentation AND the

30 min 5 STAR WEEKLY Global Spiritual Leader Audio Activation

to CATAPULT your neural pathways into reunification with their Higher Self, 5D Self and Beyond..

"You don't Manifest through learning... You Manifest through PROJECTING"
I have invested in Manifestation content before and has short term results that I didn't keep up with. How is this different?
Once you receive these teachings you won't be able to SEE physical reality as the same. You will consistently see it as an illusion that is IN THE WAY of your TRUE life. The one you already see in your visions. 

Think Alan Watts + Dr Suess + Amy Winehouse all rolled into a Masterclass...
My Manifestations Haven't Showed Up Yet, and I NEED THEM TOO Now! Can this help?
Absolutely! The Art of Manifesting is releasing craving and knowing it is DONE. Whilst you are still in craving, your manifestations simply CANNOT show up. You are Source God and Source God knows itself as everything so they simply WOULD NOT crave, riiiight? 

And what a relief! These two trainings will ERADICATE your craving and allow you ACCESS to your INNER WISDOM & VISION to know they are COMING and you GET to show up as the 10.0 Version of you who already has them
I already know about the law of attraction. How is this different?

If you knew the method then you wouldn't be on this page, right? You'd be serving your truth with others! These two trainings will eradicate your doubt and actually give you a consistent MENTALITY to ONLY SEE your Greatest Manifested life, always and in all ways.

I will show you PRECISELY how to live your dream life whether your eyes are open or closed, so you will NEVER put off your meditation practice again and attract everything you have been dreaming of.
I put off meditating and KNOW I need to to manifest. Will this help me?
As a meditation teacher and long term LOVER of inner silence, it is my PASSION and duty to show you HOW to LOVE meditation to manifest. Meditation is no longer JUST about finding stillness.. it is about Calling Back your power and Manifesting Heaven on Earth so why would I NOT want to show you that? 

My heaven includes YOU creating yours because I know you are Heart-centred Being and ONLY want to manifest for you so that you can liberate the entirety of HUmanity
"Until you're SICK of losing, you'll never WANT to learn HOW to WIN"
What's Others Are Saying!

Seeing that I'm abundant AF simply for embodying my 5D+ self and reminding the others!

Psychedelic images in my 3rd eye ✅

Tears of deeeeeeepppp resonance for why I'm fucking here right now

Tears of resonance for fully seeing my deepest desire to continually bring people out of suffering and back into Unity Consciousness 

Kelli LMT Intuitive Guide, Coach and Healer

Tbh it’s skyrocketed me and I’m in this space of wobbly rebalancing so I’ve only
watched one video so far

It just is all is accessible to me now because I feel as if I’m working from a point of success in ‘the future; backwards

Oh 10/10, already am and speaking about it to loads of people

Emma Ceremony Holder, Healer, Channel & Guide

10/10!!!! my mind is blown daily with every interaction. the reframes are super potent

I am constantly in awe as to the revelations we share. Your feedback ignites further activation and its everything I didn't know existed

I didn't know I could have this experience!

you are changing me and the world. ✅

Ilana Intuitive Coach, Speaker and Channel

"My consciousness already exists everywhere and therefore my job is to JUMP into a new perspective. That's ALL."
Being Centred Needs to Be The Centre of Your Life
Don't miss out another day where you feel confused, frustrated or scared that you can't YET SEE what you dream of

You will REALISE that what you see is already coming and you'll be able to walk confidently into that reality knowing exactly what to do from that moment on
"Imagine a day where from that moment you NEVER looked back. This is what you're finally being offered here"
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