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From Emily Jackman
From London, UK

Dear friend,

Hey, my name is Emily Jackman, and IAM here today because I want to give you something I call "The 12 Key Formula" provided for you within "The One Page Online Journal"

This is my framework to Know How to Handle ANY Situation in 60 Seconds From Using The 12 Keys and from only writing on One Page.

But before I give you access to The 12 Keys and One Page Journal I want to tell you the backstory about how it was created...

This is NOT something I just made up one day, and hoped that it would work, I spent OVER 15 years and $75K experimenting and perfecting this formula for you!

This is what happened...

Throughout my childhood, I was sick...

Like.. always and in all-ways

Whether physical, mental or emotional... I felt sick

I had swollen glands
No appetite
Hallucinations and 

So although that part sucked... 

I was actually avoiding the extreme programming that everyone else was being given...

You see everyone else LOVED saying that HUmans Beings LOVED One Another and Themselves..

But all I could FEEL off everyone was confusion and fear!

Yeah, most people enjoyed Christmas, Birthdays and get togethers but it always felt like a never-ending cycle of craving

I had my head stuck in a bowl, while thinking about how stuck everyone seemed.

The Good thing was though that I became a LIGHT SPEED THINKER able to hold space for everyone's emotions all at once.

Call me an empath, over-thinker or "busy mind" scared of others but somewhere deep down within I knew my weakness was my Super Power

So where was all this fear coming from?

Cavemen ran from Physical Tigers

My fear was an Invisible Tiger

My thoughts seemed to create my Inner Uncomfortable Sensation

Whether I was noticing how we unintentionally hurt one another on a daily basis...

Or how children played Power Games by manipulating one another to feel important..

I realised life was an invisible, social and psychological warfare where whatever happened on the OUTSIDE... Happened on the INSIDE first

I realised the Modern Day HUman has replaced the Fear of Escaping Tigers with the Fear of Social Death...

This Inner Game felt SO obvious.

On the surface we all SAID we were happy but I knew I had to learn to...

1. verbally share my opinions
2. emotionally strengthen my belief in freedom
3. energetically cultivate confident in my sovereignty
4. mentally master my own thoughts
5. spiritually ask the Meaning of Life

It was a game with winners and losers and we all knew it.

But then the strangest thing happened...

No One Else Admitted They Were Playing It!

Why Was I The Only One Saying It?

Why was no one SAYING IT?

We were clearly ALL DOING it?!

But no one was talking about it?

Was this the biggest cover-up in history or had I just not received the Rule Book?

"Rule No#1 NEVER talk about the game just go along with it???"

That was when I realised...

I noticed the differences in my body when I gave unkind thoughts to myself.

I felt low, fearful, worried and alone.

Compared to when I let go of worrying what others were thinking and would feel free, open and expansive!

So why was no one teaching me this stuff??

Why was I was being taught to colour in, do my homework and know that WAR was a normal part of the daily news...

I had to accept that someone else must be benefitting from my pain...

Drink, Drugs & Bhagavad-Gita

From the conflicting worlds of not trusting my so-called leaders on the outside and yearning to trust my own Leadership on the inside I became withdrawn, anxious, depressed and in my late teens, anorexic and suicidal.

At around 19, I packed my bags and moved to central London where I stumbled upon my new neighbours who were singing songs outside my window...
Whilst I had been quitting uni, having abusive relationships, taking low paid jobs to match my low self worth, apparently other people had been following the Path of Enlightenment..!

So who were these people and why were they so Happy?

Hare Krishna devotees strolled past me chanting and I was mesmerised.

Maybe these people had the answers to heal societies suffering and answer my life-long questions of what the F are we all doing HERE?!

I wanted answers!

Who was I?
WHAT was I?

Why was my childhood so painful?

Why were my Leaders not admitting this was all a GAME?

Why was I worrying about everyone else instead of myself!?

It was time to get some answers from wherever these people got theirs...

My Entire Life of Pain Was Avoidable

My government could have provided me this book in my education but they chose not too... so I felt sick again...

Not that sick but you know what I mean, Bitterly Confused. 

Did they not KNOW of Higher Conscious Wisdom?

Did they not want me to find my own Source of Love within me?

Was I wrong to find more leadership within a book then who I had ever met in the "flesh?"

It became SO obvious...

I4 years of "education" and Western Capitalist Thinking so that I was programmed with competition, fear and confusion because then I was primed for the Labour Market, Primed for Consumerism and Primed for Submission.

Fuck. That. Anymore.

I could SELF educate 100x faster than mainstream ideas...

I did not need a Boyfriend to fuel my Heart and...

I had TRUE Leaders right in my pocket and I intended on utilising them. 

Once I realised that I went full steam ahead into reading the Path of The Masters, Yoga, Metaphysics, Quantum Physics, Consciousness and Spiritual Leaders and I was ready to tell anyone who would listen!



Maybe I was not going to reach a million people like the spiritual leaders I had learnt from (or so I thought)

But what if I could reach a hundred people a year?

Or 100 people per month?
Or 100 people per week?
There was just one problem... who was going to listen to a bar-maid from Essex, with bad teeth and a uni-brow unless I started Living an Authentic Spiritual Existence?

So fast forward a year or two and after my aunt passing away, I left for India to 

"Find God"

The first Indian I met laughed at me, replying...
"God Is Everywhere, You Did Not Have to Come"
...Damn. Day 1 and I Had Found The Answer... So Now What?
Through my travels I was over-thinking. "AM I doing it right? AM I "letting go"? AM I being in the "Now"?"

Simple answer? No. I wasn't.

I simply wanted to STOP the programming of my past and see what I was without it!

So Thankfully I was guided to go and sit in silence for 10 days and not look at anyone


It was there that I learnt the Art of Vipassana Meditation.

Now if anyone asks my about Vipassana, I LOVE IT and it is the Greatest Ten Days I spend every year.

However, through the first training I wanted to rip my skin off and tear my eyes out because every horrid thought I had been programmed with, about myself or others, rose to the surface and it felt like I was in Hell :( 

ALTHOUGH before you cancel your retreat booking...

The Buddha is not WORLD known for nothing, right? 

The technique is ASTOUNDING!

I came back with no cravings, a silent mind, a still heart AND SELF LOVE!

I hope you are celebrating with me! I released my old programming of "Poor little old Emily" and I accepted what I was...


Yep, it has been that simple all along. 

I was a bunch of atoms, vibrating millions of times per second and if I thought bad stuff my atoms felt low and if I aligned to higher truths like "IAM Atoms" then my atoms vibrated faster and basically were having a better time. Simple!

No Government Official had ever Broadcast this in the House of Commons.

No Head Teacher had ever stated this clearly in our DAILY assemblies.

My own mother had not known of this delicate Truth so she could not tell me!

NOT EVEN a Trained Counsellors" told me this when I was trying not to kill myself.

Cringe, hey?

From that moment on I knew that "no man in a uniform" would EVER tell ME they were in charge of me BEFORE OR UNLESS they proved that they understood Quantum Physics!

(If he did then we would both forget the charges and then have a cuppa tea..:)

Fast forward and within 2 years of giving birth to my daughter and separating from the father, I had Followed My Passion!

I had Qualified as a Meditation Teacher, set up a high street location and was sharing all the beautiful wisdom that I had processed and embodied over the past 30 years of suffering to others seeking to Free themselves from the Matrix!

Go Me and Go Us ALL

It was sweet! 

But as I began asking myself how more I could help people, more came through...
I could not believe what happened next!
Upon requesting where a spiritual teacher of mine resourced her information she replied: "most of it was from man who 'channels an alien'".

Say What? Well, I thought, it appears there is a new chapter in my life occurring!

Soon after that, when I was out at a medium night with friends, the medium came to me and brought through a transmission from "The Pleaidians" who explained I was a "Starseed" here for "The Ascension..."

What were these words? Who are the Pleaidians? What is a STARSEED?!

I began delving into Channeling, Ascension, Starseeds and moved into Christ Consciousness, Source and Quantum Realms which blew my mind and I began experiencing the excitement for life that I had sent 30 years knowing I had missed out on

A few days after that, after a physically demanding day, I sobbed out to the Universe "WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO!?"

They were removing out dated templates of doubt, fear and scarcity and were assisting me to activate templates of channelling, abundance, freedom and joy... 

As I sat there sobbing with relief as the pain from my 30 years of self loathing subsided, I was moved over to my laptop where I began automatically typing out what they were transcribing for me 
Did That Just Happen!!!??? IAM Channeling!
This was it gang.

My whole life was now making sense.

I began teaching the messages and codes I was receiving from "Beings from above"... I was speaking their words out of my mouth and cocreating with them to assist other HUmans who were ready to wake up and break free of the enslavement programming!

WOOHOO! I Remembered My Mission!

I chose to come here
I chose to suffer in order to WAKE UP!

I chose to be sick as a child in order for me to wire myself with Light Speed thinking

I chose to ask that woman where was this info from

I chose to be awkward AF in every situation to be able to HANDLE the awkwardness for HUmanity that is to come from explaining there ARE E.T's, we DO have a Higher Purpose and there IS the entire collapse of an ancient enslavement system coming! 

(Small heads up there...)

I chose everything to get to be here RIGHT NOW! 
An activated Starseed on Earth here for the Ascension!

Now you may be asking, that all sounds so freaking fun! But WHAT is The Ascension?

Well, it is this whole thought of "you are separate to me" and the kind of ideas like "it does not matter if someone starves whilst billionaires exist" and this whole.. you know.. global agenda to have wealth in the 1% hands to enslave us all THING!

It is the idea that even day and night have been told to you...
And history written FOR you rather than by you...
It is the idea that you are only one and have no power..
When you actually CAME to prioritising Mastering THAT power!

and instead an Awakening to the whole Quantum Physics of Manifesting, Abundance for all, HUmanity re-activating their DORMANT DNA and accessing their Multidimensionality THANG!

Can I Get a Whoop Whoop!
How I Cried and How I LAUGHED!
In the next 3 years I channelled ET's, took DNA programmes with Light Beings in the Galaxy, had my double helix DNA strand inserted, created coaching programmes, read hundreds of books, worked with High End Business Coaches and connected with the Global Light Leaders Upon Planet Earth

I was on my Soul Aligned Mission Baby and coaching people who were also being activated!
However... There Is a LOT of Content Out There annnnd It All Kinda Got a Bit Too Much...
You see, I spent 24/7 on this Path. I ate, breathed and absorbed nothing but Ascension and Became the Embodiment 

BUT my job here is to help others know, feel and experience what I do FASTER without it needing to take years... cos we have not GOT years to do this AND you do not need them..
Here Enters the 12 Keys
How About I Sum This Up & Get You Vibrating Hard?
Ascension is about maintaining a HIGH vibration.. which is simply your cells being more aligned to what they are rather than what your ego says

Example: whilst you tell your cells they are called "John" they are pretty much enslaved to only ACT like John..

Where as if you REMEMBER Higher Truths that your cells are 99.99% SPACE and 0.01% ENERGY then they CHANGE their vibration as they can finally BE what they ARE

Is this making sense?

You see, the "deep state programming" was and is a fabulous Game where HUmans simply forgot to be what they are and instead took on these identities (ID - entity)

However, if you do NOT raise your cellular vibration this time round.. you may not remember for many lifetimes and will be under deep sate rule until you do

***F That!***

Sorry to break it like that, but that is the Power of this Real Life Game.

It is YOUR Time to wake up to what you ALREADY are and it is literally the rewriting of HISTORY

No More Grammar Before Grace

No More Fear Before Truth

No More Hate Before Love!

Can I Get Another WhoopWhoop?

NOTHING is going to collapse like you have been programmed to think

Like some big tsunami or robocop showdown, that was part of fear based programming, okay?

BUT NOTHING is going to stay the same either, in a good way!

You are going to RAISE YOURSELF out of the MIND and into your Heart which is your Portal to Higher Vibrations of Light and reinitiate yourself into the Galaxy 

Like a Freed Slave would cast off their shackles EASILY if they are given a CHOICE and say a Fond Farewell to bondage as they walk in New Lands

To confirm: You are energy and space moving through the Cosmos in the only moment of Now... 
***You were never "Just John"***

To double confirm: that is not woo-woo spirituality talking.. that's Basic Science my friend
We just all ignored that before now!

And the only way you would ever have the audacity to turn this once in a Billennia OPPORTUNITY down would to be so deeply programmed that you simply feel so God Damn Worthless like I did

But my Divine Friend... Can you see that my worthlessness was my motivation?

Could yours be too?

Could it all have been!?

 What if it was ALL to truthfully be able to say 

I Invite You to Experience The Purpose of Your LIFE, Without It Taking 30 Years, Reading Over 300+ books, Writing in Another 30+ Journals 
OR Spending $75K like it did me
I want you to be able to Master your thoughts and vibration in SIXTY SECONDS FLAT because once you know the 12 Key Formula, you CAN then Master Every Moment, No Matter the Situation!

The 12 KEYS are shared within a One Page Online Journal is The Path of Self Mastery, without needing to know anything previously. You get access to an audio Masterclass guiding you through your online, private page, available for you at every moment to use again and again. You will purge, reflect then transcend your thoughts, with a specifically designed set of 9 questions and the space for your self reflective answers. Then Embodying the 12 Keys to Give You That 60 Second Transformation to your ESSENTIAL Higher Vibration!

I now use the One Page Journal for an immediate Self Reflective Tool to take a low thought higher or a high thought higher as the 12 Keys allow me to embody my Highest State and to Serve as a Pure Channel of Divine Inspiration for Others...
One Page With 12 Keys That You Will Use To Transform ANY Situation To A Higher One
If you feel called to the path of Freedom and Sovereignty by Stepping Out of Fear, Programming and Straight Up Enslavement and instead into Conscious Pursuits, JUST LIKE ME, then I know you would LOVE to have the formula that took me over 15 years to fluently Master

In the past I have only taught people who paid $2,500 for programmes with me but today I wanted to make you a VERY SPECIAL OFFER and give you the entire 12 Key Formula inside the One Page Journal which you can use EVERY DAY in every MOMENT to literally LIVE AS THE QUANTUM MASTER THAT YOU BIRTHED TO BE...
For Only $7.00
Yes... for about the price of a cinema trip out, you can get access to a framework that took me 15 years to create... 

And of which, once you also Master, will give you the ability to write your own vibrational paycheck for the rest of your life as you Live As Your Own Master!

YES EMILY! Give Me Instant Access To The 12 Keys One Page Journal RIGHT NOW For Just $37.00 !
The 12 Key Formula for 60 Second Embodied Enlightenment
In fact...
There are people in every industry and niche who are using these Embodied Practices to Activate their own communities!
They use it to impact every industry you can dream of, like:
  • 9-5 Employees...
  • ​​Musicians...
  • Unemployed...
  • ​Health Aspirants...
  • ​Customer Service...
  • ​Counselling...
  • ​Yoga...
  • ​Astrology...
  • ​​Holistic Practices...
  • ​Forest Schools...
  • Artists and Authors..
  • ​Channeling & Coaching...
  • ​Parenting & Education...
  • ​Addiction & Mental Health...
  • Client Transformation...
Want to Know What Others Say From Working With Me...!?
Psychic, Medium, Life Coach and 
Home-Ed Leader Gemma Says...
"Meeting with Emily has change my life in such a positive way. My mind is no longer filled with, what if’s or but’s, I am determined now to fulfil my dreams without fear. 

Emily has an energy that’s bubbling with empowerment, calm and inspiration and I for one, feel lucky to have met and worked with Emily, on taking a leap of faith and to do what I once thought was just an impossible dream. 

Thank you Emily for the abundance of joy I now have in my life, words can do no justice to say how grateful I am to have come across your wonderful enlightenment."

Unite with Gemma LIVE in her Incredible Intuition and Home-ed Group in Devon UK
Reiki Master, Angel Channeller & Forest School Leader Becky says...
"Working with Emily is such a Divine privilege. She knows exactly how to light you up, and inspire you with her amazing enthusiasm and eloquence. 

Even just a few minutes in Emily's company will leave you feeling geared up and ready to take on whatever you desire. 

Emily's energy and passion is infectious, and I encourage everyone who wants to live their dream life to grab an opportunity to work with Emily now!"

Meet with Becky in person or on-line on FB for Angel Readings at EarthAngelConnections
Intuitive Channel, Energy Healer and Business Woman Danni says... 
"Emily, Emily, Emily! 

What can I say... a fairy Goddess to the Ascended Masters! 

Every moment I spend with Emily literally Raises my Vibration, where she unpicks my thought patterns and programmes, which results in deep realisations so I can embody various aspects of my true self. 

She gives me New Eyes and Awakens my Consciousness to New Levels.

Emily you are amazing

I have learned so 
much about myself through you

Thank you for being you."
Intuitive Guide, Writer, Influencer and Channel Rosa Says... 
"Working with Emily it’s an experience that changed my life, She is the push everyone in their spiritual path need!!! 

She doesn’t “teach” you nowness or love SHE IS NOWNESS AND LOVE!

Just by being her she teaches you beyond words, it’s an experience I cant even explain!

She’s a full of light being and that’s exactly with happens when you work with her, with her pure light, she let’s you see your own light, I AM GRATEFUL beyond words for her teachings and love.
Thank you for holding space for me Emilyyy!!!!!
Love youuu"

Check Out Rosas Beautiful Wisdom on her Insta rousrg
Astrologer, Crystal Teacher, Intuitive Guide and New Momma! Lex Says...
"If you are going to work with Emily, get ready to shift because you will be unable not too! Her Passion, Energy and Knowledge make it impossible not to instantly shift!"

Check out Lex's Mind-Blowing and Life-Changing Podcast Unveiling the Illusion on Spotify!

and... lexgibson.tumblr.com!
Intuitive Guide, Creative Coach and Music Management Melissa Says... 
"Emily and I unsurprisingly met at a time of my life when my heart and soul were looking to open up to a bigger truth but didn’t knew how to. I jumped on a zoom and instantly knew her words, energy and guidance would shoot me to the stars - I remember my body was buzzing that day!

In no time everything was clear, I started dropping old patterns and understanding, feeling, experiencing.

Priorities shifted as I couldn’t unsee nor ignore the divine, delicious truth.
Fast forward to today, I feel FOREVER thankful for the path I chose to walk on, for it took me to a whole different level of consciousness that words, I swear, can’t begin to describe. 


Check out Melissas Incredible Work on her Insta chouthings
Grahams Personal Story from the Mainstream 9-5 to Enlightened Creative Freedom...
Graham approached me at nearly 50 explaining he had been sober for 10 years, worked in debt assistance and was interested in learning to meditate and walking the path

He explained he wanted to move out of his last experiences of greed and jealousy and he sought experiencing higher energetic states

He said he was tired of being the person who turns over when a charity advert would come on the TV

He still wore mainstream designer brands spending over £150 on a top

By following his Heart on the Path of Enlightenment together he...

Left his 9-5 that he no longer resonated with!

He began consuming only higher conscious content

Lost his craving for brands and mainstream pressure to fit in and instead LOVES STANDING OUT

He set up an initiative project delivering needed resources to a small Kenyan village changing hundreds of lives worldwide by connecting people on different sides of the world 

He got comfortable with being beautiful to look at and inspire others to take care of their health and inner state

He began focussing on his New Earth Music to activate other HUmans

Although receiving countless comments from others around him he KNEW the ecstatic bliss he felt from Source channelling through him and trusted to act on his intuition and follow his Path of Self Mastery above all else!

He has never been happier and has made GLOBAL connections and friendships as he activates people to donate and experience the divine gift of giving!

He channels his divine femininity as well as being an absolute activated divine masculine on Earth inspiring everyone he meets

Check out his project and donate to his Wakitaka project and new project assisting orphanages. 
New Earth Music Projects Launching soon!

Thank You Graham for Stepping Up and In!
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This 100 minute Audio will be like your favourite music album, podcast or movie taking you to absolute clarity and confirmation to your Masters Embodiment to Create Reality! 

KNOW What to do in every moment from reminding yourself of your 12 Key Formula, implementable for every situation, especially when being distracted by external influences

Downloadable to keep forever this will be a Foundational Piece in every next decision, action or belief you ever choose to embody
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Meditation is absolutely essential to receive divine inspiration for you to take your action steps in creating your dream reality

These can Be used as often as you choose to merge with your Higher Timelines and activate Your Quantum Self as you Step into Higher Dimensional Meditations so that you can Manifest Our Unified Abundant Reality!

Downloadable to keep forever...
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Join monthly for live Q&A to share your breakthrough moments and receive Channelled Guidance on your next steps which are vital for Maximum Manifestation!

3 Months Access to The 12 Keys One Page Journal FB Group for Monthly Coaching and Empowerment upon your New Clarified Journey!
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Freedom Codes, Ascended Masters with Star Race Quantum Technology and YESHUA Transcription
Total Value: $497
Here I share with you three pinnacle transmissions to activate your own ability to receiver higher dimensional messages!

By receiving transmissions like this, your Cosmic Awareness will be activated so that you can openly declare to others that you ARE a Soul having a HUman experience and that we WILL all be telepathic, connected to the Cosmos AND Call in that Dream Earth and society we CAME to cocreate!

What a time to be alive when you finally get to ADMIT you are more then  your labels...

Again... You Will Get Access To...

The 12 Keys One-pager Journal
The 12 Keys Audio Masterclass
5 Soul Channelled Meditations
3 Months Private Group and Lives and 
3 Private Channelled Transmissions... 

You WILL Free Yourself from the illusions of the mainstream thinking

You WILL experience profound shifts in how you self regulate

You WILL release your limited expectations and start desiring SO MUCH MORE

You WILL once again believe that life is worth living as YOU are in charge of your thoughts

You WILL Step Into Your Soul Alignment Speak Proudly of Your Self Mastery to Anyone who asks

and You WILL ACCEPT that you can change ANY belief and DO SO
Time Is Of The Essence...
How long will you pretend that you are under someone elses control?

How long will you NOT Self Reflect and wait for others to tell you THEIR answers instead of experiencing your own!?

How long will you kid yourself that it "does not matter what you do as you are only one"?

How long will it take you before you admit that your dreams are worth achieving?

How long will you let others tell you what YOUR purpose is?

and how long will you sit back and focus on the dark whilst your higher conscious self is literally waiting to be birthed through YOU choosing to purge the old to express the old!?
Here Is My "You've Gotta Be Crazy" Guarantee
If you do not find value in these trainings then I will give you

Full 7 day Money Back guarantee!

I do not need your money but you need your consciousness!

So take 7 days and purge, reflect and ENJOY the wisdom and you WILL receive the benefits.

I TRUST my work and I know that by using the 12 Keys on the One Page Journal that you will UNDENIABLY Enter your next Vortex of Manifestation and Understanding of your IMPORTANCE on Earth

and that defies ANYTHING you have been educated to do before...
You Must Act Fast!
Here's One Last Recap Of Everything You'll Get today When You Order The One Page Journal
YES NAME! Give Me Instant Access To The 12 Keys One Page Journal RIGHT NOW For Just $7.00 !
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Total Value: $3,185
Today Just $7
We are here to Show ALL OTHERS that Enlightenment is NOT a concept and is in fact an Embodied Experience by YOUR MASTERY

Thanks again,
Emily Jackman
P.S. Did you just skip to the bottom to see what the deal was?

You get my 12 Key Formula within the One Page Online Journal (which took me over 15 years and $75k of self investment to deprogramme my suffering and free myself from the mainstream enslavement!) to use time and time again, for 60 Second Vibrational Mastery (instant access) to Reflect and Transcend Every Thought and Step Fully Into Your Sovereign Higher Vibrational State. There are hundreds of coaching programmes out there teaching you these EXACT formulas for thousands of dollars and you are going to get a high-ticket formula right here. All for $7, that is it

I also show you a step by step journey through the 12 Key Masterclass, as well as over $3,000 in bonuses which include 3 months coaching, channelled transmissions, PDF's and Multidimensional Meditations...

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Everything Your Going To Get
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Total Value: $3,185
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ONE TIME OFFER - Only $27: Receive the Fast Track to Mastering Your Sovereign DNA as a Leader upon Earth. You will embody the Technique then pass this onto your own communities as you remember how to talk too, create WITH and raise your DNA structure so that you experience Physical Upgrades instead of EMF lowering. All HUmans freeing themselves from the old paradigm WILL be activating their DNA so it a question of now or later, but you will begin this process soon. Allowing yourself this bonus will Step You Deeper Into Your Soul Alignment as you will Proudly SPEAK Your Manifestations, Sovereign Freedom and Quantum Vibration into existence. You will also receive the 12 Keys Foundation Outline PDF, DNA Activation audios, DNA Decree Worksheets AND the video 12 Keys Masterclass to see me free-flowing in action!

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